Who Is ComplyRight?

Passionate People Solving Everyday Challenges for the Nation’s Employers

Compliance … Simplified
At ComplyRight, our mission is to free employers from the burden of tracking and complying with the complex web of federal, state and local employment laws, so they can stay focused on managing and growing their businesses. How do we do this? We talk to employers every day. We listen to better understand their challenges. We track federal, state and local regulatory activity. And we consult with our in‑house legal research team to understand how employment regulations affect employers day‑to‑day.

We use these insights to create compliant solutions that streamline essential tasks. We complement these solutions with educational content and actionable guidance to help employers act in their own best interest while still doing right by employees. From hiring and training, to time tracking and recordkeeping, to labor law posting and tax information reporting, our innovative products and services address the real‑world challenges employers face every day.

Our Core Values

We have Passion for our Customers’ Success

  • We seek thorough understanding of their workplace challenges.
  • We provide reliable and
    useful solutions.
  • We exceed their expectations.

We Think Big

  • We look for new ideas in
    every situation.
  • We share ideas freely and listen without judgment.
  • We are not constrained
    by the past.

We Act with a Sense
of Urgency

  • We do what it takes to drive the business forward today.
  • We do not accept complacency from each other or from ourselves.
  • We find creative ways to overcome obstacles.

We Take Ownership for Creating a Positive Work Environment

  • We work as one team with common goals.
  • We understand and respect how our actions affect others.
  • We take responsibility
    for managing our own
    personal growth.

We are Mindful
of the Future

  • We make decisions for
    the long term.
  • We recognize that risk-taking
    is essential for growth.
  • We value the learning in
    every mistake.

Our Leaders

Denise Raftery

Denise Raftery, President
ComplyRight Direct & Distributor

Denise joined the company in 1992 and spent the next 30 years putting her strategic skills to work throughout the organization. Starting in the purchasing department, Denise quickly advanced into leading Product Development and ushered in the business-transforming evolution of labor law posters into Poster Guard, our premier poster subscription service. Her vast knowledge of all areas of the business and unrivaled ability to manage a diverse and dynamic team propelled her into the role of President, ComplyRight Direct & Distributor, in 2022. Today, under Denise’s leadership, the company strives to deliver innovative compliance solutions though our HRdirect brand and reseller distributor partners.

FUN FACT: Denise loves to vacation in the Tennessee mountains and spot the bears.

Denise Raftery

Jordan Blanco, President
ComplyRight Digital

Since joining the ComplyRight team in 2011, Jordan has led marketing, product, and development teams to make ComplyRight’s vision of next generation HR and Compliance solutions a reality.

Jordan is fearless in driving a multi-faceted team to envision, design, develop and launch timely and relevant solutions for today’s most challenging employee management concerns.

FUN FACT: Jordan may hold the record for binge-watching TV shows and movies. If you name it, he’s probably seen it.

Denise Raftery

Chad Fitterer, Vice President of Operations
Direct & Digital Marketing Group

Chad joined ComplyRight in 2021 with a focus on optimizing our network of manufacturing and distribution across our direct & digital marketing group. He specifically supports operations for ComplyRight Distribution Services and enjoys creating win-win opportunities through teamwork and continuous improvement. Chad’s experience includes 26 years in a wide range of leadership roles for Taylor Corporation, which is the parent company for ComplyRight. His passions lie in developing market leading solutions driven by the collaboration and innovation of a high performing team.

FUN FACT: Chad and his wife are proud parents of 2 children, and he also volunteers as a girls’ basketball coach for the local high school.

Denise Raftery

Chris Lindekugel, Vice President
ComplyRight Direct & Distribution

Chris joined the company in 1997 as a sales representative. After earning his Six Sigma Black Belt certification in 2007, Chris moved into an operations leadership role. Over the years, he has expanded his oversight to lead multiple technology and infrastructure projects, including a complex ERP system implementation. Today, he directs several operational areas of the Complyright business including finance, IT, production, fulfillment and facilities.

FUN FACT: Chris travels often to watch his son play hockey and his daughter ride her horse, Datura.

Denise Raftery

Patricia Milian
Director, Strategic Sales Support

Patricia joined ComplyRight in 2003, bringing with her 20 years of experience in marketing strategy and communications. Since joining the company, she has championed the introduction of the ComplyRight product line in 2006, the launch of TrackSmart (our first SaaS app) in 2010, and the transition to ComplyRight, Inc., as our corporate brand in 2016. Patricia currently oversees marketing and sales support for ComplyRight distribution partners and leads strategic projects in the sales and marketing areas.

FUN FACT: Patricia and her husband indulge their love of music by traveling to music festivals in their camper.

Denise Raftery

Tracy Fives
Director, Sales & Customer Service

When she joined the company in 2006, Tracy played a pivotal role in the rebrand and development of the HRdirect brand. Since then, Tracy has served in various roles and now leads the customer sales and service teams for both the reseller and direct businesses, leveraging her expertise in designing effective strategies to enhance customer experience and increase brand loyalty. She also routinely monitors customer feedback to garner new insights that inform the development of innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes.

FUN FACT: Tracy is an outdoor enthusiast whose greatest adventure so far was trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp and spending two very cold nights in a tent at the foot of the Khumbu icefall.

Denise Raftery

Ashley Kaplan
Director and Senior Corporate Counsel

Ashley has practiced labor and employment law for more than 20 years, representing employers in matters ranging from discrimination and harassment litigation to defending FLSA class action lawsuits.

In her current role as Director & Senior Corporate Counsel for ComplyRight, Inc., Ashley handles legal compliance and oversees the teams responsible for researching and developing labor law posting solutions, including the market-leading Poster Guard® Compliance Service, and other HR compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes.

FUN FACT: Ashley loves participating in competitive sports and plays in several adult soccer leagues.

Denise Raftery

Erinn Ziontz
Director, Brand Marketing

Erinn joined ComplyRight in 2019 with 20 years of experience in brand management and multi-channel marketing. As the Brand Director for HRdirect, Erinn is committed to making it easy for employers – both large and small — to manage the ever-changing landscape of labor law compliance. Her passion for technology along with her customer-centric focus drive an ongoing commitment to ensuring HRdirect offers innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of present and future customers.

FUN FACT: You can usually find Erinn cheering on one of her three children at a youth sporting event. She also volunteers as a Girl Scout troop leader and enjoys playing pickle ball.

Denise Raftery

Jaime Lizotte
Director, HR & Tax Products

Since 2010, Jamie’s solid HR experience coupled with her innate capacity for practical solutions has paved the way to developing next-generation products that help customers leverage technology for more efficient and compliant employee management. This experience was crucial during the COVID pandemic when Jamie quickly built successful partnerships and drove product development to help businesses adapt to their rapidly changing challenges. Jaime is the lead presenter of ComplyRight webinars and periodically takes her knowledge on the road to present at conferences, educating employers on workplace trends and best practices for HR compliance and employee management.

FUN FACT: Jaime enjoys competitive sports, especially as an avid fantasy footballer. She plays in multiple leagues and has won several championships across them.

Denise Raftery

Leslie Vincent
Director, Creative Services

Leslie began her career at ComplyRight in 1998 as a photographer but over the years, it became very clear that Leslie’s vision went far beyond the camera lens. Powered by her incredible creativity and leadership skills, she rose through the ranks to lead the company’s in-house creative and content teams. Her passion for innovation and excellence benefits the many areas she oversees, including digital, video and print production for all of our brands. Leslie is also known for her ability to inspire, motivate and entertain others (in short, she’s just fun to be around), which paved the way to her appointment as the “Leader of Fun” for our WAVE (We All Value Each other) committee!

FUN FACT: Leslie loves to travel and has visited five of the seven continents.

Denise Raftery

Alex Puccio
Director, National Accounts Sales & Service

Alex joined ComplyRight in 2014 and brought with him 20+ years of experience in acquiring, expanding and retaining businesses by building successful goal-oriented teams. A self-proclaimed field general, Alex is focused on hyper growth of ComplyRight’s large account direct and reseller subscription-based posting service business.

Since joining the organization, Alex has rebuilt the National Account Management team to include a wider variety of accounts in the posting compliance space. In 2016, his expanded role included taking on the Direct National Account Sales team and most recently the reseller side of ComplyRight’s posting compliance business.

FUN FACT: Alex enjoys listening to 80s music and can be found rifling through Alexa to listen to music from that era.