Labor Law Compliance - ComplyRight Posters

Federal and State Labor Law Posters

  • Mandatory federal and state postings to satisfy employer compliance requirements
  • No extra charge for wage order notices, no smoking, mandatory Spanish or E-Verify posters
  • Consolidated format saves wall space
  • Laminated for durability and protection
  • Strict compliance with legal requirements for poster sizes, colors and font sizes

Federal Contractor Posters

  • Mandatory postings for employers with government contracts
  • Required postings to prevent suspension or cancellation of federal contracts
  • Maintain compliance with specific posting requirements for federal contractor minimum wage, and paid sick leave, EEO, whistleblower rights and more

Industry Posters

  • Meet posting requirements that go beyond the common federal and state postings
  • Industry-specific postings for healthcare, hospitality, retail, and public sector
  • Meet human trafficking posting requirements for hotels, bars, and other establishments

Workplace Safety Posters

  • Display state-required postings for notifying visitors that weapons are prohibited on premises
  • Comply with legal requirements and clarify workplace policies on smoking
  • Cleary communicate health and safety procedures during COVID-19