Minimum Wage Monitor

The Changing Dynamics of Minimum Wage Legislation

The most recent federal minimum wage increase took effect in 2009, bringing the minimum hourly wage for most non-exempt workers to $7.25. Despite calls to increase it as high as $15, the federal minimum wage is unlikely to change any time soon given the goals of the current administration.

How much does it matter? The ComplyRight Minimum Wage Monitor is intended to help answer that question. It shows the current minimum wage laws across the United States with a historical view of how updates have changed the map over the past four years.

Ideas for Using the Minimum Wage Monitor

  • Explore. Select a state to see detailed data about minimum wage regulations in that state. To view the data for multiple states at the same time, use Control+click to select multiple states.
  • Look Back. To view the status of minimum wage regulations in previous years, choose a year from the “View data as of:” drop-down menu in the top right corner of the monitor.
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  • Embed. If you would like to display the entire monitor on your website, blog or intranet, please contact us for permission and we will point you to the code.
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Minimum wage legislation is just one example where federal deregulation (or lack of regulation) can ultimately result in added complexity and compliance burdens for employers. The ComplyRight Legal Research Team continually monitors employment regulations at every level to help employers make sense of the variances and stay in full compliance.