Labor Law Solutions - Mandatory Employee Handouts

How to Comply with Emerging
Employee Notification Requirements

Did you know that employers are required to distribute certain written notices directly to employees under a variety of circumstances? These mandatory notices, or handouts, vary from state to state and change often.

What Are Employee Handouts?

  • Employee handouts, or notices, must be distributed to employees to inform them of their rights under various labor laws
  • Handouts are required in addition to the mandatory posters that must be hung on your business walls
  • Requirements vary depending on your location and employee count – there are notices at the federal, state, county and city levels
  • Certain businesses could be required to distribute as many as 41 notices in a single state

When Are Employee Handouts Required?

The triggers for providing these handouts to employees vary widely. Depending on the underlying federal, state, county and city law, certain notices may be required for all employees — either annually or on some other cycle mandated by law. Others are event-driven, which means you must distribute them for:

      • Newly hired employees
      • Open enrollment
      • Requests for leave
      • Workplace injuries
      • Pregnancy
      • Termination
      • Change in pay

Mandatory Employee Handout Service

Reduce the work and legal risks involved with managing employee notifications with an annual service that informs you which handouts to provide and when.

You can choose from 2 service options. Both offer:

      • 24/7 access to required notifications via an online platform
      • Continuous legal monitoring and updates by an expert legal team
      • Alerts whenever a mandatory change occurs
      • Instructions on when and how to use each notification